Welcome to IamBatmansMom’s website. I am here to entertain, inspire, and spread some good vibes that will hopefully help make your day a little better.

Cosplay and gaming

Hi there, I’m Martha. I feature Cooking, Cosplay, Crafting, Fitness, Gaming, Personal blog, Pet Care, Photos, social media, and Video links.


I am a family-oriented lady. I have been raising my kids for about 20 years now. A couple with Autism and other medical needs. I have three awesome dogs. Two German Shephard’s, and a terrier that thinks she’s a German Shephard. I live a nomadic lifestyle in my rv. I am a licensed cosmetologist, crafter, sewer, cook, fitness enthusiast, retired athlete and more. Have struggled with and overcome my own health issues and conditions.

I’m a home body with a special set of skills I’ve spent years perfecting and am still learning new things. I’d like to share some of the things I do that my friends and family seem to really enjoy in hopes of inspiring others. I aspire to spread encouragement, support and positive vibes to whoever sees my content. All positive support and feedback are welcome and appreciated.